Observer is an intuitive, easy-to-use web and app based solution for whole school management for Montessori schools.
  • Parents

    • Instant notifications
    • Changes to Lunch or snack menu, or messages from teachers or office get delivered to your phone in real time
    • Message teachers or office
    • Book meetings
    • Access school calendar
  • Montessori Teachers

    • Montessori lesson planning and record keeping
    • The unique design appeals to even the most traditional avowed paper Montessorians!
    • Generate year-end reports
    • Per student and per class journals
    • Messaging with parents
    • Messaging with school office
  • School Administrators

    • Dashboard with quick view of each classroom’s status
    • Current attendance, Messages from parents or teachers, upcoming birthdays, current lesson plan
    • Messaging – direct or broadcast to individual or groups
    • CCEYA Tasks with forms and logs
    • Review lesson plans or records of any classroom


  • Student Management

    Tracks attendance (absences, and tardy arrivals)
    Calculates monthly charge based on actual arrival and pick-up times
  • Lunch and Snack Menu

    Configurable menus
    Current menu visible from Parents’ App
    Changes to menu are sent as notifications to Parents’ App in real time
  • School Calendar

    Configurable School Calendar
    Current school calendar visible from Parents’ App
    Changes to calendar are sent as notifications to Parents’ App in real time
  • Communication

    Parents can send text messages directly to the classroom teacher or to the school office
    Teachers can send text messages from Observer to Parent App
    Administrators get notified of all messages and can moderate them
  • Meeting Scheduler

    Configurable meeting slots
    Parents can book meeting from their App directly with teacher or office
    Reminders & notifications of meetings
  • Reports and Analysis

    Analyze lesson plans or records in a variety of formats per class, per group, or per student
    Generate written report per student as a Word document. Comments from student journal are collected in the report
  • Montessori Lesson Planning & Record Keeping

    Web-based lesson planning and record keeping – anywhere/anytime
    Intuitive design gives full view of a student’s current record for easy planning
    Drag and drop lessons
    Plan for individual student or a group of students
    Current lesson plan for whole class is visible on one window
  • Classroom Management

    One window for Attendance management, lesson management, parent communications etc.
    Single click sign-in and sign-out. Data is auto-saved with the current timestamp.
    Lunch and Snack Menus
    Changes are notified via app to parents in real time
    Per student and per class journals
  • IOS and Android App for Parents

    Custom App that links with Observer web solution


Harpreet Nanda, CASA Directress at KMSchool, Brampton
I no longer have to carry around a heavy binder. I can plan my lessons and do record keeping from anywhere. Editing is easy – no more whiteout! I also find keeping up with attendance and communicating with parents through Observer quick and easy.

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